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Privacy Policy

  1. General Information Bahsine takes great care in protecting customers collected data.
  2. Collection of customer data The customer confirmed and irrevocably agrees that his personal data will be transmitted and handled by Bahsine.
    When using our homepage IP address, date, and time are logged from the customer.
  3. Recording of customer data during the registration Every Customer that bets at Bahsine has to register a betting account and accepts by this that his personal data is used.
    Following data is collected when registering:
    • Gender
    • First name and last name
    • Date of Birth
    • E-Mail address
    • User name and password
    • Telephone and or mobile telephone
    • Complete address
    • Password
    Customers may be requested at any time given and in line with our terms of use, privacy policy and betting rules - to submit further documents to verify their identity and to enable security identity checks.
    In this case following documents can be requested:
    • a copy, scan or photo of a valid ID issued by the competent authority of a recognised state, e.g. passport, personal identity card, driver's license.
    • in case of credit card deposits we may request a copy, scan or photo of the used credit cards, front and backside and the corresponding credit card bills.
    • in order to verify the Customers address we can request utility bills (f. ex. gas bill, electricity bill, internet bill, etc.)
    Bahsine reserves the right, to close betting accounts and stop payouts until the status of a betting account is clarified
    If deposits are done via Credit card following data is stored:
    • Name and surname of the cardholders
    • Name of the credit card company
    • credit card number
    • expiry date of the credit card
    In case of payouts via bank transfer following data is stored:
    • Name and surname of the bank account holder
    • Name of the bank
    • IBAN
    • SWIFT-Code
    All information provided by the Customer must be correct and complete. The Customer has to notify Bahsine without any delay in the event that any information provided becomes incorrect or incomplete. Bahsine reserves the right to freeze or close betting accounts, stop transactions or exclude Customers if any information recorded by the Customer turns out to be incorrect or incomplete. The Customer is liable for any damages and costs arising out of false or misleading information. If false or misleading information is provided willfully, any and all transactions on the betting account shall be declared invalid.
  4. Recording of data when using our website Bahsine uses Cookies and other similar technologies. Cookies are small files that are saved on your hard drive when visiting our website. There is no correlation between your personal data and cookies. Further Bahsine uses session ID Cookies, these are deleted after closing the browser.
  5. Usage of Customer data Personal data is collected because:
    • to control the legal age of 21
    • to verify the identity of the Customer
    • to fulfil the contract between Bahsine and the Customer
    • to protect abusive usage of stolen or fraud Personal data
  6. Passing on of personal data All stored data provided is kept strictly confidential. Principally personal data is not handed on the third parties unless such disclosure occurs on the basis of legal obligations or rights, or unless such disclosure has been authorized by the Customer. In case of abnormalities and or information on transactions or activities that indicate of possible criminal activities, Bahsine will contact authorized responsible (police, clearing partners, credit card companies, sports organizations, etc.). In this correlation, personal data may also be passed on the authorized institutions. By confirming our terms of use and our privacy rules the Customer accepts that the transfer of his personal data in such cases is possible. As far as necessary for implementation and management of data processing operations, external service providers are claimed but they work in accordance with our data protection regulations. Bahsine reserves the right to record telephone calls with Customers and hand them on to authorized law enforcement agencies.
  7. Data storage At the closure of a betting account personal data stays stored for seven years in accordance with the legal requirements from the date of the account closure.
  8. Safety of data The data is processed electronically and automated. Only trained and authorized personnel has access to Customer data.At yearly interval and at each change of policy, all employees affected will be notified. The importance of data protection as well as its own contribution to the protection of Customer data is emphasized. All relevant servers are located in a secure environment. Encoding: All data is protected during communication with the web browser using encryption technology by the certification authority Thawte. In addition, all customer data is protected by a firewall against unauthorized access.
  9. Change of personal data After logging in, each Customer can change his personal information at any time under user information on our website. Every customer is obliged to change their personal records changes immediately if information about their data are out of date, or incomplete.
  10. Customers rights Customers have the right to request information about their data attributable to their name stored by Bahsine.
    In addition, Customers also have the right that their data is rectified, erased or blocked in accordance to the Data Protection Act.
    For questions that concern the security of your information or regarding data protection , please contact us at. [email protected] Our Privacy Policy is available in different languages.
  11. Changes to this Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy may change at any time. When changing a new version number and a new expiration date will be displayed. It is the responsibility of the customer to regularly read the Privacy Policy and to check for changes .

Version 1.0
last amended: 10.12.2016

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